YW 2012 theme bookmarks!

The New Year is almost here!  In the past I made bookmarks when I worked in the Primary, but now I work in the Young Womens program and so I made some to go with the new 2012 YW theme. I did not do these as magnet bookmarks like I have done in the past because I could not figure out how to make the cute sun work that way. (I wanted it high in the sky) so I just made regular bookmarks, but I think they are still cute :-)
So you just simply click on the picture to make it bigger and then copy and past it to your desktop or where ever you want to (that is just my favorite spot to past things that I want to find easily). Then transfer it to your favorite online photo store. Or if you have a good printer you can just print it out or photo copy it at a copy store.
Make sure you  print them out as a 5×7 photo size!  The 4×6 crops off too much of the picture. then simply cut them in half in the middle were the light grey line is.  It would also be cute to mount them on card stock and even laminate them.  Or you can just keep them as they  are :-)

You can find my Primary bookmarks here :-)
Update:  I made a matching  a handout or Young Women event invitation with this theme.  You just click on the pic and copy it like the bookmarks above.

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Happy Crafting!

4 thoughts on “YW 2012 theme bookmarks!

  1. I love your bookmark. It is so cute. Just to let you know though, the scripture is that thy light MAY be a standard, not might be :)

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I love your bookmarks! I think they would also make great invitations with a few adjustments. Would you be willing to send me a file that I could make these changes and use these at our New Beginnings? It would be a life saver!

    Kelsey Murdock

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