Valentine class room door decor

Are you in search for a cute Valentine’s day Class room door idea?    I was given the task to decorate my daughters class room door for her teacher this month and like most of you when I need inspiration I like to browse through Pinterest.  After being inspired by a few ideas different ideas this is what I came up with :-)

Sweetheart Valentine's Day Door decor

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Door decor

Luckily her school has every die cut shape you can imagine and several different colors of construction paper and several colors of large butcher paper. So I cut out the small hearts and the white upper letters with her schools die cut machine.  I cut the big heart out by hand.  And the word “Sweetheart” I cutout in vinyl with my electronic cutter (Sizzix Eclipse) using the Grand hotel font. And I used white vinyl to cut out all the kids names using the Arial rounded font. I used double stick tape to apply it all, but you could use masking tape if you would like.

1. I put up the white butcher paper on the main part of the door.

2.  I added the Red butcher paper on the top and bottom.

3. I added a pink stripe across the red paper.(made from pink construction paper that I cut into several stripes and applied it being careful to match up them up.

4. I applied the white letters and the big red heart in the center.

5. I added the small hearts.

6. Last I applied the vinyl word “Sweethearts” and all the names of the kids.

This was actually really fun for me to do and I was glad I was able to help her teacher out too :-)


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