New website, New name :-)

Happy Thursday everyone!

This is my first post at my new website! Yay for me!  For anyone who has been following my Bug a boo corner blog, I have changed my name to “Little Sister’s Crafts”.  Because I am the youngest of 6 kids (and crafty) I figured the name was a good fit :-)  Really I can’t take credit for it though because it was my brothers brilliant name idea, and he has been trying to convince me to make this change for over a year now, but it is always intimidating for me to move into unfamiliar territory, but I finally had the guts to make the plunge! Thanks Russ for all your help :-) I also wanted to make the change so I could link up this Little Sister’s Crafts website, My  Etsy store and facebook page all together so people could more easily find me :-)

To update everyone on what I have been up to lately,  I have been really busy the last few weeks cutting out lots of these unfinished Nativity puzzles for several bulk orders.(mostly for Super Saturdays)


I also just got my first order for 2012 to make a finished puzzle like the one below.

This one is going all the way to Taiwan! I love knowing my handiwork is going all over the world :-)

I have been so busy with my Nativity puzzles that I have not had time to work on my Halloween and fall crafts. I am hoping I will have more time next week I have some fun ideas I want to do 😉


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