Valentine class room door decor

Are you in search for a cute Valentine’s day Class room door idea?    I was given the task to decorate my daughters class room door for her teacher this month and like most of you when I need inspiration I like to browse through Pinterest.  After being inspired by a few ideas different ideas this is what I came up with :-)

Sweetheart Valentine's Day Door decor

Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Door decor

Luckily her school has every die cut shape you can imagine and several different colors of construction paper and several colors of large butcher paper. So I cut out the small hearts and the white upper letters with her schools die cut machine.  I cut the big heart out by hand.  And the word “Sweetheart” I cutout in vinyl with my electronic cutter (Sizzix Eclipse) using the Grand hotel font. And I used white vinyl to cut out all the kids names using the Arial rounded font. I used double stick tape to apply it all, but you could use masking tape if you would like.

1. I put up the white butcher paper on the main part of the door.

2.  I added the Red butcher paper on the top and bottom.

3. I added a pink stripe across the red paper.(made from pink construction paper that I cut into several stripes and applied it being careful to match up them up.

4. I applied the white letters and the big red heart in the center.

5. I added the small hearts.

6. Last I applied the vinyl word “Sweethearts” and all the names of the kids.

This was actually really fun for me to do and I was glad I was able to help her teacher out too :-)


Kokeshi stuffie doll stitchery

First before I talk about my stitchery check out the flock of birds that were hanging out at my house this morning!

It was incredible!  at first they were all on my front lawn then by the time I got the camera they had flown up in the trees. 
Okay onto my latest project :-)
This is a cute little stitchery that I worked on and finished last weekend.   She is going to be a little stuffy doll for my 3 year old daughter.  I have had it on my list of things to do all week and other things keep getting in the way, keeping me from finishing her up.  So I thought I better at least post just the stitchery part so in case it takes me awhile to finish her.  By the way  you can find this adorable free pattern at Melly and Me.
I also started on this valentines day stitchery that I designed.  I am right in the middle of it still, but I thought I would give you a sneak peek :-)
I actually this is 1 of  3 Valentine stitchery designs I created about 3 years ago for a neighborhood stitchery club I was involved in. 
You can find the finished example of this one above here.
Happy crafting

A framed heart!

My family was able to take a quick break and go down to Southern Utah last weekend. The temps were in the 60 degrees :-)  That was heaven compared to the 20 or below degree weather we have been experiencing up here in Northern Utah for forever it seems!  Any way  On the way there (4 1/2 hour trip) I worked some magic on a small straw decorative heart I found at D.I. 

I wish I had taken pics to document the process, but I basically wrapped the whole heart with Jute (sp?) rope and then I took some medium red ribbon  and med red polka dot ribbon and cut them in 3 inch strips.  I stitched large stitches by hand on one side of each strip of ribbon and then pulled the thread and gathered it until it  formed a donut shape (looked like a little flower)and then I sewed them on one at a time by hand onto the jute string (quite close to eachother) on one side of the heart.  I know this explanation is quite poor so if you have any questions just ask.
I have also been looking for a cute frame to put on my front door to hang seasonal decorations in the center.  I was happy to score this frame at D.I. on the same day I found the straw heart.  It was the perfect size and look that I have been looking for! I still need to antique it some, but I could not wait to show you all  the finished project with the heart and frame combined 😉 
 Now I just need to add big fat red bow above the heart on the frame to hide the hook it is haning on 😉

It’s Valentines!

I’ve been wanting to make a Valentine’s Day wreath and bought all the stuff at the end of January but then haven’t had the time or the motivation to do it until this week. I saw THIS cute ‘wreath’ and thought I would make my own take on it. So, here it is!

I can’t say that I’m totally in love with it, but it didn’t turn out too bad. I bought a round peice of styrofoam at Michael’s and cut it into a heart shape. Then, I just poked holes, added a dab of hot glue, and put the flowers in.

I bought these foam heart boxes to give to my kids on Valentine’s Day full of goodies and notes. Tuesday we had a snow day and the kids were able to stay home all day. When the afternoon hit, they were a little restless and didn’t want to go outside. I decided to pull out the boxes and let each child decorate their own. I thought they turned out cute and I plan to use them year after year, just like Christmas stockings!

I got the idea for these yummy lollipop cookies HERE. We’ve had so much fun with these and they were a hit at Benjamin’s preschool party today. I’m excited for Hannah and Levi to share them with their classes tomorrow. They really aren’t that hard to make.

And last but not least, here are the kids’ Valentine’s they are passing out this year. I LOVE them so much. Everyone at Ben’s school today couldn’t stop talking about them. They are so unique and clever and I really wish I had come up with the idea, but alas, I once again copied my awesome sister! Check out her earlier post HERE. She was kind enough to take my emailed pictures, put them into her digital scrapbooking software, and send them a Walmart near me so I could pick them up and finish them. I am totally investing in some digital scrapbooking software!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Valentine wood art

My brother is an amazing graphic artist and a bunch of other stuff!  Anyway he helped me with my Nativity puzzles this year on his scroll saw and he decided to play around with some designs he could cut out for Christmas gifts for all of his crafty sisters!( There are six kids in our family and he is the one and only boy).  I have already shown you the family one he gave me for Christmas ( have not gotten to that one yet), but with it being close to Valentines day he let me take home and do some magic to one of his Love designs.  I could not decide what to do first with this blank canvas, but I soon realized what I wanted to do after seeing some pretty floral paper.

Here it is unfinished. (the bottom stand is removable).

 I painted the whole thing Antique White traced out the love word on the floral paper and cut it out and Mod podged it to the word Love and traced out the heart and made that a nice deep burgandy and Mod podged that on also.  Actually this time I collage podged.  I am trying out a new product similar to Mod podge. It is thinner and does not show the brush marks as much as mod podge does and it is less smelly.
Once the collage podge dried I got an exacto knife and cut out all of the empty spaces in the letters and heart.
Last I sanded around everything with an emery board (my favorite sanding tool)  and went over all of it with some wood stain to give it an antiqued look.
Here is the finished project!  I think it turned out nice if I say so my self.  I hope my brother likes what I did with it!
Here are some of his other designs he has come up with so far. 

A Valentine Stitchery

This is one of three stitichery designs that I designed last January, but never was able to stitch it because of a demanding baby.  Luckily I was able to stitch this one a few days ago.    I know it is still wrinkled and has a wet spot in the middle because I was trying to smooth out the wrinkles by spraying it with water before I took the picture.,  I wish that I could show it completed. I mean the stitchery is completed, but I can’t decide if I should frame it, make it into a pillow etc. and I was afraid that Valentines day would be past before I decided so I thought that I better just post it in case I did not get to it.

Elegant Valentines Wreaths

My sister Paula and I were talking the other day about all the wreaths out there that are being made for Valentines day this year.  We have seen a lot of cute ones! Some with felt, cup cake liners, fabric, burlap, etc.  We had both talked about how nice silk flowers  or roses might look .  I searched the net and found some beautiful wreaths!

I can’t wait to incorporate some of these ideas and come up with my own Wreath.
Share with me some of your own Valentine Wreath ideas!

Photo Valentines!

So I know a few of you saw the adorable Valentine idea from   I decided I just had to do it too!  So I took some pics of my school age  kids.   
got on my Digital  scrapbooking software and made a background,  inserted their photos.
Then I added the suckers!
So Cute!