A cute Nativity ornament!

Check out this cute Ornament at WildOlive If only I had any time right now I would totally make this!

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I love how it depicts the true meaning of Christmas.
Speaking of the true meaning of Christmas it is my turn this week to teach our neighborhood 3 year old pre-school.  Tuesday we talked about why we celebrate Christmas and that it is Jesus’ Birthday.  We also talked about what kind of gift Jesus would want for his birthday.  We decided that the best gift we could give Jesus is to be kind and loving to eachother and to share with eachother and to  help eachother.  So when I saw this little clip I knew that I had to show it to them tomorrow :-)  It is the perfect example of a gift to Jesus!

Crazy busy!

I have been super busy the last 3 weeks trying to keep  up with my Etsy store.  My biggest seller being my Nativity puzzles!  So forgive me if I do not post much in December.
Today I thought I would show you my latest ideas that I am selling in my shop.

First off My Mini Nativity Puzzle.

Miniture Nativity puzzle with wood burned design
Miniture Nativity puzzle with wood burned design

I decided it would be fun to have a smaller version.  I can’t get my 3 year old to leave it alone!  She really likes to play with it.  I also thought this smaller version would be fun for super Saturday.  I have done the bigger version before with success, but the smaller one is cheaper and a little less time consuming.

Next my Joy letters with baby Jesus.
Joy with baby Jesus

Joy with baby Jesus

So as you can see my wood burning is still going strong! This baby Jesus was fun to make :-) 

The most popular thing in my store that everyone seems to want is my Wood burned, water color, dark stained Nativity puzzle.
Nativity Puzzle, wood burned design, water color, and darker wood stain

so that is what I will be doing non stop until about mid December!  but I will ride this wave as far as it will take me :-) 

Happy crafting!


Spooky! And other crafts :-)

My kids complained that I keep making cute wood crafts for others and not our self so these are some  Spooky letters I made to put on to of our piano :-)

I still need to antique the edges and add some embellishments,but I thought I would show what I have so far because   I have been so busy making Turkeys like this one below that this has been put on the back burner.

These Turkeys are what everyone seems to want right now at my Etsy shop.  I made two more today. I just don’t think there are enough cute Thanksgiving decorations these days.

Here are a couple of Halloween stitcherys that I have made also that I think are fun.

This one is so cute and simple and so easy!  The picture is kind of bright so you can’t tell what the top button is.  It is a crescent moon.

My kids love this one!  They always ask when we are going to put this decoration up because they love the saying :-)

Here is another fun Witch boot I made  :-)  I added glitter to it to add some sparkle :-) I like this one a lot!  can’t decide if I want to part with it or not. 

Another cute Turkey!

Here is my latest scroll saw creation :-)  My 15 year old daughter says she likes this turkey even more than the 2×4 turkey.  I have to admit that it turned out pretty cute :-)

Like the other wood crafts I have made lately it is decorated with paint and scrapbook paper.
I also came up with this Owl on a limb with left over wood scraps 😉
 I have an Idea that I want to do with it.  I will show you soon what I came up with.
If you are interested in any of these wood crafts to paint and create yourself or to buy finished check out my Etsy store  @ Bug a boo crafts
Happy crafting!

If the shoe fits!

So I still am having fun with the scroll saw!  I cut this Witch Boot out today.  and I could not wait to get my crafty little hands on it and decorate it.  I still need to add some finishing touches (ribbon etc), but I could not wait to share! I borrowed the design again from Wood Connection, however I did not like the top of their boot so I changed it to my taste (I thought it made it look more witchy this way).  I want to sit it on a rectangular block and have a vinyl saying on it that says “If the shoe fits!”
To see my other wood crafts check out my Etsy store Bugaboocrafts.

Having fun with the Scroll Saw!

Hey everyone out there in blog land :-)
I am following up with a couple of wood crafts that I cut with the scroll saw. 
First of all I want to say that I usually borrow others creative inspiration and put my own take on it and these crafts are no exception.  So I want to give credit where credit is due.
In Salt Lake there is this awesome crafty wood shop called “The Wood connection”.  Seriously If I go into this shop I do not come out for hours!  My sister Paula can attest to this because she has the same addiction :-) Anyway they have these cute “Harvest” letters with a little corn cob for the V that I just love, but I am about 45 minutes too far away from that store so I thought I can cut it out myself!  My talented brother helped make a pattern for me and this is how it turned out!

Here are the letters that I am proud to say I cut out.
Here it is after I Painted and mod podged it!
Here is a close up of the cute ear of corn.
I added these little gems to give it some blingy corn kernals :-) 
I would love to take credit for that cute idea, but The wood connections creative staff came up with that idea.
I have also been excited about this cute 2×4 turkey craft from “Craft Goodies”  since last year, but I never got a chance to make it, but I pulled it together today and I love how it turned out!

I still need to make some finishing touches like add the feather on top of it’s head etc., but I could not wait to show it off :-) (here is a link to the tutorial)
Craft goodies has some great Super Saturday ideas she is sharing right now.  So if you are a Super Saturday freak like me check it out!

Nativity Puzzles are ready!

I have my Nativity Puzzles in my Esty store again!  Just click on my Etsy store page above and it will take you there :-) 
unpainted Nativity puzzle
I have decided I have a new life calling!  Mother by day and Scroll Saw addict by night :-)
Now that I know how to use the dumb thing I can’t stop!   I have a few things I am working on besides the puzzles that I can’t wait to show you!  I will give you a hint :-)  It involves a Witch boot, Owl, Turkey and the word Harvest! 

Add flare to onesies and T-Shirts!

My baby just turned 3 :-(
 I can’t believe how fast time is flying!  There are so many projects that I intended on doing when she was a baby and just did not ever do! 
My sister in law is expecting a baby in October and had her baby shower a  week ago.  In deciding what to do for a gift I remembered that I had onesies in my craft room that I never did anything with.
I really liked the ruffle butt idea I saw here.  So here is what I came up with.  I wish I had a baby to display it on, but I think you can get the idea :-)

And I did this cute stitchery on this Onesie a while ago,
 but I had never done more with it and it has been sitting in my craft room waiting to be given away. I felt it needed more added to it though so I added this ruffle skirt to the bottom of it.

Here is another fun Idea I found @ Sir Bubbadoo.  Freezer paper stenciling!  This looks so fun and easy!
And check out this idea using bleach!
you can find this idea @ Home maker.