2012 CTR primary magnet bookmarks!

Ok people! I finally came up with  2012 Primary theme magnet bookmarks 😉 I could not find anything cute to make them until I found these cute CTR shields at Simply Fresh Designs.com.  She has a bunch of other fantastic free downloads for primary for 2012 that you should check out!  She has a regular bookmark download that is so adorable on her site too.

So just as a refresher if you have not printed out my magnet book marks before.  Click on the 2012 Primary bookmark pictures below to make them bigger.

Copy and paste it to your desktop or the location of your choice.  Then upload it to your favorite photo printing store,  Have it printed out as a 5×7 print because 4×6 crops off too much of the picture.  Then cut the photo in half on the verticle line then fold it in half on the horizontal line. Last of all add magnets to each end on the inside so it looks like the example below (my 2010 primary bookmarks).

So there you have it!  If you have any questions just let me know 😉

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Happy Crafting

Regular 2011 Primary Bookmarks

Hi all! 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season :-) 
I am sorry I have not posted much lately.  I have been busy making flour sack aprons and painting Nativity puzzles, but I finally took some time yesterday to make a much requested bookmark!
I had posted a magnetic bookmark with the 2011 childrens Primary theme a little while back, but several people have just wanted regular bookmarks that don’t fold.  This is what I came up with. 

If you notice I made this one unisex and have the boy one and the girl one on the same page.  I don’t know why I have not thought of that sooner :-) 
 Anyway  click on the photo.  Copy and past it to your computer. Print it out as a 5×7 or at some photo places (Wal Mart) you can choose to have them printed out “True to size”.  Cut them down the center and thats about it.  I personally would also laminate mine just to make them more durable.
The Scotch brand laminator is the best deal out there when it comes to laminators. 

Girl (scripture super hero) magnet book mark

Here is the girl book mark!  I have had several requests for a girl version.   I found the clip art for the boy version online. I could not find a girl clip art anywhere that matched it. So I tried my hand at drawing my own super hero girl.  I tried to make her as similar to the boy as I could so they can match.  But like I said in my last post I am no professional and thank goodness for electronic drawing pads :-)
 If you are new to making these bookmarks you need to click on the picture to make it a bigger size and copy and save it to your computer (I like to send it to my desk top so I can easily find it). Then upload it to your favorite photo print website.  I do mine through Wal Mart and I like to print it out as a 5×7 since it gets cropped down some on the outer sides. You can have it printed as a 4×6, but it cuts off quite a bit off the outer sides so you will have to crop off more from the middle to even it out. ( I hope that makes sense) On more details as to how to make them check out this link.

Super Scripture Girl!

I have had multiple people ask me to make a girl  bookmark for the 2011 Primary theme “The Scriptures are true!”, but I did not have girl clip art to make one. I had originally found the boy one online.  So I did not know what to do. So I finally tried my hand at sketching one myself a few weeks ago and this is what I came up with. I am sooo not a professional artist so I have been a bit shy about sharing it.
 And I finally sat down today and used my daughters (the true artist) Electronic “Bamboo Fun” sketch pad to help clean it up, beef up the lines and make it look less sketchy. This is the end result. 

 What do you guys think? Does it match the boy one close enough?

Update:  You can find the bookmark I made with this Scripture girl here.
and you can find the boy one here :-)

Spanish Primary Bookmarks!

I finally have the 2011 Primary bookmarks in Spanish!  But I could not figure out how to add the accents at the top of the words.  If this is a problem and if anyone knows how to do this please let me know. 
Someone had also asked for a regular Spanish book mark that was not a magnet bookmark so everything is rightside up.  So that is the bookmark below.

I also changed the yellow ric rac to black poka dotted ribbon.  I thought it matched better so I have an English magnet bookmark  with the black ribbon also if you want that.
I hope this helps and is not too confusing.  Double check which bookmark you are copying before you print it out since I have 3 different versions here I don’t want you to end up with the wrong one :-)

2011 Primary theme bookmark magnets!

 I was asked if I could make Primary bookmarks for the 2011 Primary theme “The Scriptures are true!”  So this is what I came up with.  I also was asked awhile back if I could make some that were in Spanish, If anyone out there knows the Spanish translation for the 2010 and the 2011 primary themes please let me know since sadly I don’t know much Spanish :-(

For best results for this bookmark I would have it printed out as a 5×7 because I think a 4×6 would crop too much off.  Most online photo centers let you preview how it will crop first.  For a reminder of how to make the bookmark magnets go here.
And remember I stole this fabulous idea from the blog Controlling My Chaos.  She has a bunch of other cute magnet book mark themes you can get.

Primary bookmark Magnet jpgs

For those of you that saw my Primary bookmark magnets over at sugardoodle.net and are interested in getting  the jpgs click on the the pics below,  save/copy them to your computer. Have them printed as 4×6 photos cut them in half length wise. lamenate them if you want, fold them in half and then add the magnets.

This is what they  look like when they are finished.
If you want just  regular bookmarks here are the jpgs with the Jesus picture turned around.
Here is a  jpg  for a Young Womens magnetic bookmark.  It has the Young Womens theme for 2010 on it.