DIY Rose Wire Rings

I saw this tutorial at Handmadeology.  And I thought to myself  hmmm….. I can do that!   Or something similar to it anyway :-)   I did not have the right wire on hand, but it was about 9:00 at night (too late to go to the craft store) So  I decided to mess around with some galvanized steel wire that we had on hand in our garage, and this is what I came up with :-)

If you are interested to know how to make one yourself  here is a little tutorial of how I made them.  I feel like I am terrible at explaining  tutorials so hopefully it makes sense :-) 
These are the supplies that I used. Galvanized steel wire we had in our garage,  wire cutter and pliers, and a tube of chap stick.
First I got a piece of wire.  I am not sure how long it is.  I just unraveled two rotations from the this wire spool. maybe it is about a foot long.
I realized right away that the wire was pretty thin so I doubled it up. 
Then I twisted it to give it more stability. And happily I think it gives it a nice look with the twist.  I found that it helps to get a more uniform twist if you use your pliers. it is hard to see in the picture that I am twisting the wire, but if you look really close you can tell :-)

Once I had it all twisted I wrapped it around a chap stick tube. this is the part where it gets confusing to explain.  I placed the chap stick tube directly in the center of my wire piece
 then I wrapped the wire around the tube crossing the two ends across each other. 
Then I wrapped it around again a second time until the two ends met up again.
This time cross the ends and twist them around each other once.
Then start wrapping/spiraling them around the middle twist part.  
Keep wrapping/spiraling them around until you can’t wrap them anymore. At this point you need your pliers to help tuck the ends under and I also use the pliers to shape it a little more to my liking.
And this is what you end up with :-)
I have made one for each of my girls even the 3 year old.  They love their rings :-)
I love it when I can make pretty things with ordinary stuff laying around my house!

Mothers day pendant Necklace DIY

Hey all!
So Mothers day is coming up this Sunday and I made a fun and hopefully meaningful gift for all my sisters and sister in law.  I have wanted to do this project for about 2 years now and finally got my act together this year and made it happen :-)
My Mom passed away about 5 years ago from cancer. My sister in laws Mom passed away from cancer about 10 years ago.  So Mothers day is a difficult day for all of us.  I wanted to make something to honor our Mothers, and to keep the memory of their beautiful spirits that have passed onto the other side close to our hearts :-)

I made Pendants with their photo and matching ear rings. I was just going to make the pendants, but felt matching ear rings would be a  nice touch :-)

This is my sister in laws Mother up above.  Her Birth stone is Garnet so I found beads in that color.
This is my Mother :-)  Her Birthday stone is the Amethyst  and also her favorite flowers are lilacs so purple is her color :-) I can’t wait to wear this on Sunday!
If you want to make something like this yourself here are the supplies I used.
You will need a….
-pendant blank
-epoxy squares.
-beads and charms to enhance it.
– a small photo or picture
I got most of my supplies from Buyjust5supply on Etsy.
  I used my digital scrapbook program to make the pictures the size I wanted (after several attempts) to fit in the pendant tray.  
I put the epoxy square on the photo (love those things)
Then I put a drop of diamond glaze in the pendant tray and pressed the photo in.
Add the chain and your done if you would like, but I added beads and charms to mine to add some character and a personal touch.
I also am making this yummy Sugar Lemon Scrub for the other friends and mothers in my life.
You can find the recipe here. So easy!
Instead of  adding 1 cup olive oil I added a half cup coconut oil and a Half a cup of Olive oil, but other than that it is all the same.
Have a Happy Mothers day everyone!  :-)


Ok, Michelle, here are the promised photos of the jewelry I’ve been making lately. This jewelry making technique is called bead weaving. I know they are not high quality pictures, but I didn’t want to procrastinate it anymore, plus, let’s face it, I’m not a professional photographer. 😀 I can’t find my regular camera so I just used my iPhone. I’m curious to know what you think about me possibly selling my jewelry on Etsy and, if so, what you think I should charge. I haven’t moved forward with it because I’ve been a little unsure. I’ve found a lot of patterns online and I’ve watched hours of tutorials on YouTube. I’ve given a lot of my jewelry away so I don’t have pictures of everything I’ve done, but this gives you a pretty good idea. :) Anyway, let me know what you think!

Another Scrabble Tile Necklace!

Wednesdays the Youth (teens) in my church get together to do activities.  I am one of the leaders over the 12 and 13 year old girls (beehives).  Last night we made scrabble tile necklaces with the 2011 theme on it.
The girls really had a fun time making them!  I got the free file from  Angela Casperson was kind enough to do the foot work and share it with the rest of us :-) 
Here is how we  made our Necklaces.
If you are new to the whole scrabble necklace thing here is a link to a great tutorial on to how to make them.
I was out of the silver bails that I normally glue to the back so I drilled holes through our tiles with a small hand drill I have and then we pulled the cording through and added a decorative bead (like I do with washer necklaces). Doing it this way these necklaces look really cute as choker. 
 I also made a bead clasp in the back. To do this you tie a bead to one end of the cording and then make a small loop on the other end of the cording.

Then you just put the loop over the bead and now you have a cute matching clasp for your necklace!

Here is the one my 12 year old daughter made. So simple,but so cute!

scrabble tile necklace and chicken eggs

My daughter had a bunch of friends over for a movie night and they were making scrabble tile and washer necklaces.  She decided to put the diamond glaze right on the letter side of the scrabble tile showing off the first letter in her name.  we drilled a hole in it since I was out of bails and put cording and a bead on it just like we did the washer necklaces.  We liked how it turned out!
Now if you did not know already.  My family got baby chicks this last spring and we have been anxious all summer for them to start laying eggs.  All of them are laying now except one. The hen who lays the blue green eggs just started laying last week.   We have 4 different types of hens so our eggs are mix of colors :-)   It does not matter how many times we collect the eggs it still is a fun surprise to see new eggs sitting in the laying box :-)

3D crystal lacquar

I had posted a while back about making pendants with diamond glaze.  Well I stumbled upon another product called 3D Crystal Lacquar.  It is cheaper, it hardly creates any bubbles and it dries faster.
 I taught how to make the scrabble tile and washer pendants at my last craft club and everyone prefered the crystal lacquar over the diamond glaze.  Here are some Pendants I have done with it and I think it looks just as good as the dimond glaze. Has anyone else used this product?  If so tell me what you think!

Having fun with Diamond glaze and DG3

I had a fun time last night with some awesome ladies at our neighborhood craft group! :-) I decided that it would be the right night to try out the Scrabble necklaces and washer necklaces with the diamond glaze. It was nice not having to worry about kids especially my one year old!

I think they worked out great even though there was a bubble or two I could not get rid of! I have links on how to make them in an earlier post titled Diamond glaze and epoxy resin.

I found some wood hearts the same size as the Scrabble pieces I thought they would be just as cute. I also decided to mess around with some bottle caps and pendants. The medical necklace is for my daughter who is diabetic. The background looks black, but the pendant is really a bronze metal. I have not decided what to do with the bottle caps yet. They will be necklaces or magnets.

Diamond Glaze and Epoxy Resin tutorials

I watch this morning show here in Utah called “Studio 5” and since Utah is such a crafty State they always have great craft ideas on the show! One day this lady showed a demonstration on how to make epoxy resin pendants. When I saw this idea I knew that I absolutely had to try it myself! So I bought all the supplies about 6 months ago and never gotten around to trying it until just a few weeks ago, but sadly something went wrong with my mixing or something and the resin never really set up hard enough. So I want to try it again! My daughter Natalie is a Type 1 insulin dependant diabetic and I want to make her an epoxy resin medical alert pendant before school starts. I have heard the Diamond Glaze is also a good alternative too. Does anyone out there have experience with Diamond Glaze?
Anyway here are a couple of tutorials from a digital artist John Golden that are fantastic! Hope you enjoy and get inspired too! He also has a great online store where he sells the blank pendants and rings he uses in his tutorial.

Also I discovered some really cute pendants made with scrabble tiles, scrap book paper and diamond glaze, There is a great tutorial from this site

And surprisingly washer pendants Can be made with the decorative paper and diamond glaze.