Having fun with wood spoons :-)

I wood burned some more spoons!  This time with an owl theme :-)  I also added some necks to my 1920’s spoon people because my brother said that they looked like they had fat necks :-\  

If you have any other ideas or themes that you think would be cool on wooden spoons or coasters or trivits please share them with me :-)

1920’s style wooden spoons

Yesterday I was at the store and saw a package of wooden spoons. I knew instantly that I wanted to wood burn on them! Any blank piece of wood is like an open canvas for me  :-)

The image I had  in my mind was 1920’s flapper style or a French style and this is what I came up with :-)

















I think that these would look really cute in a French style bon appetite kitchen :-)  I am still pondering how much to price them for in my shop.

Candy Corn Give Away!

So I am having my first give away to promote my new website and Facebook page!

The lucky winner will get this cute set of Candy Corns to add to your fall decor!


And it is also a stacking puzzle! So kids will have a fun time stacking the Candy Corn sections together.

Here is what you need to do to qualify to enter to win this Cute Candy Corn stacker set :-)

#1 “like” my Facebook page

#2 Join or subscribe to my blog.

#3 Leave a comment on my blog or face book page, telling me some ideas that I should add to my craft store. ( I specialize in wood crafts, but am open to all ideas)

I will announce the lucky winner Saturday October 13th :-)

Good Luck!

DIY Rose Wire Rings

I saw this tutorial at Handmadeology.  And I thought to myself  hmmm….. I can do that!   Or something similar to it anyway :-)   I did not have the right wire on hand, but it was about 9:00 at night (too late to go to the craft store) So  I decided to mess around with some galvanized steel wire that we had on hand in our garage, and this is what I came up with :-)

If you are interested to know how to make one yourself  here is a little tutorial of how I made them.  I feel like I am terrible at explaining  tutorials so hopefully it makes sense :-) 
These are the supplies that I used. Galvanized steel wire we had in our garage,  wire cutter and pliers, and a tube of chap stick.
First I got a piece of wire.  I am not sure how long it is.  I just unraveled two rotations from the this wire spool. maybe it is about a foot long.
I realized right away that the wire was pretty thin so I doubled it up. 
Then I twisted it to give it more stability. And happily I think it gives it a nice look with the twist.  I found that it helps to get a more uniform twist if you use your pliers. it is hard to see in the picture that I am twisting the wire, but if you look really close you can tell :-)

Once I had it all twisted I wrapped it around a chap stick tube. this is the part where it gets confusing to explain.  I placed the chap stick tube directly in the center of my wire piece
 then I wrapped the wire around the tube crossing the two ends across each other. 
Then I wrapped it around again a second time until the two ends met up again.
This time cross the ends and twist them around each other once.
Then start wrapping/spiraling them around the middle twist part.  
Keep wrapping/spiraling them around until you can’t wrap them anymore. At this point you need your pliers to help tuck the ends under and I also use the pliers to shape it a little more to my liking.
And this is what you end up with :-)
I have made one for each of my girls even the 3 year old.  They love their rings :-)
I love it when I can make pretty things with ordinary stuff laying around my house!

More Russian dolls and a Menorah puzzle :-)

I have decided that I must have an have a thing for Russian dolls because I keep making them!
This set is a mother and her two girls.  I have learned that groupings look better in an odd numbered set.  So I made this one as 3.  Typically Russian dolls come in groups of 5.  I actually have a set of 5 that is wood burned and ready to paint, but it is in my church bag because my 3 year old loves to play with them all the time. So I never get a chance to finish them :-)
 I hope you all are not getting tired of my little wood projects that I seem to be addicted to lately.  Maybe I will try something new soon.  Anyway back to the dolls.
I should have taken a picture of these wood dolls before I painted them, but I did not think of that until after I had painted them :-/ Anyway I woodburned the designs and features and then I water colored it and sealed and buffed them.

This set is larger.  You can see how big they are from the picture above where I am holding them in my hand. This set would be a cute decoration in a kids room or they can play with it. The smaller ones would be easier to play with though.
The mother looks kinda ornery huh, but I decided I would make this set more realistic :-)  I was trying to show how Russian  pheasants really looked and felt. 

Another project I have been working on is this custom order from my Etsy store.  A lady liked my Nativity puzzles and wondered if I could make her a Menorah puzzle.  It was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be, but It turned out pretty I think.

How it works is there is a space under each candle for a chocolate coin and it is like a advent where each day you pull out a candle puzzle piece and then you set it in an upright position and eat the chocolate coin underneath. fun :-)  
Any way I made three of them and I am sending it off in the mail so I thought I would take a picture of it before I send it because it is a custom order and I may not make one again.

Wood Egg update!

I decided to watercolor the wood eggs that I wood burned recently.  These eggs would be fun to have and use every year.  Kind of like Christmas ornaments. You could make a new one every year to add to the collection :-) Here is how a couple of the eggs turned out.  If you would like to see how they all turned out check them out at my Etsy store.

Fun with Wood eggs!

So I posted a couple of wood eggs a little while back and I finally made a few more this week.  I have not painted them yet.  I am still undecided as to how I want to paint them.  Water color? acrylic? just stain?  Hmmmm….
One thing I have realized is that eggs are hard to photograph!  Because they are round it is hard to give a true idea of what the designs really look like.  In real life they are much cuter, but this gives you an idea  :-)

This first little bunny likes to  hop along in the nice spring landscape. And on the other side of the egg is his little house :-)

Next I have another little bunny hopping around happily in the spring grass and flowers!

This next egg.  Cute mushrooms with a cute little ladybug on top.  the back side is grass and flowers.
Sticking to the mushroom woodsy theme I made some cute gnome garden girls.
This next egg was inspired by my Laying hens :-) I have a hen on one side and a rooster on the other.
And last some butterflies :-)  
Eggs are fun to wood burn, but because they are round it makes in kinda tricky to work with.  It is much easier to wood burn a flat surface :-)  
I can’t remember if I showed this little peg doll yet.  In the past I have usually just painted my peg dolls, but I have tried my hand at wood burning the last couple I have made and I can’t decide which I like better.  
Happy crafting!

Hand made baby gifts.

A while back I made aprons for a wedding reception for my friends daughter.  Well today I was able to attend her baby shower :-)  She has such sweet new baby girl!  I got to make some fun baby gifts that I have wanted to try for a while. 

Her little girls room colors are Hot pink, black and white so that is the theme I went with :-)

I had some leftover Onesies from a previous baby shower gift project so I decided make a Faux Pearls Onesie.  I don’t need to tell you how I made it because there is already great tutorial at The Crafted Sparrow.

To match the cute Onesie I made a cute Tutu :-)
This was so simple to make I could not believe it!
You can find the tutorial for this at Skip to my Lou.
Instead of using my leg I did mine on a paper towel roll and I also used a ribbon instead of the stretchy cord.  Although for my 3 year old I think I will do the stretchy cord. I also made the flower with a all three of the mesh colors and the ribbon together.  A great flower making tutorial is here at My Sparkle. I also made another flower hair clip.  So here is what the whole outfit looks like together :-)  It is so much cuter in person too!
The next project I did was a Waldorf inspired teething ring gnome doll.  I have been wanting to make something like this to sale in my Etsy shop so I was excited to finally try one out.
I saw this tutorial at Craftster.  I liked how simple this doll was.  And since I decided to make this yesterday I thought this would be a pretty simple one to make.  Here is how I made mine. I followed her tutorial pretty much the same, but I added ribbons to the hands and feet and connected my wood teething ring to one of the hands.  Instead of using watch cloths I used a hand towel so that it would be a little bit bigger.  Instead of felt I used a cute black and white fabric, but because it was a thinner fabric it did not want to stand up so I had to put stuffing in the hat.
I don’t think mine looks like a gnome.  It looks more like a clown or a wizard, but I think it turned out cute.


Ok, Michelle, here are the promised photos of the jewelry I’ve been making lately. This jewelry making technique is called bead weaving. I know they are not high quality pictures, but I didn’t want to procrastinate it anymore, plus, let’s face it, I’m not a professional photographer. 😀 I can’t find my regular camera so I just used my iPhone. I’m curious to know what you think about me possibly selling my jewelry on Etsy and, if so, what you think I should charge. I haven’t moved forward with it because I’ve been a little unsure. I’ve found a lot of patterns online and I’ve watched hours of tutorials on YouTube. I’ve given a lot of my jewelry away so I don’t have pictures of everything I’ve done, but this gives you a pretty good idea. :) Anyway, let me know what you think!

Wood burned wood eggs

So I have had a little bee in my bonnet for a few weeks now to use my wood burner on wood eggs to put in my Esty shop for spring/Easter time.
 I had a fantastic Christmas Holiday season at my Etsy shop selling my  Nativity puzzles.  My first puzzle sale for the season was November 4th and between then and now I have made and sold about 70 puzzles!  How did I do this you ask?  My family lost their wife and mother for a couple of months that’s how :-/  It was crazy!  By far the version that sold the most was my wood burned water colored dark stained puzzle pictured below. 

My personal favorite is the wood burned two tone stained version.
Anyway needless to say I am Nativity puzzled out for now and need a break from it!
So I was super excited yesterday to get my wood eggs finally in the mail from Casey’s wood!  I have been dreaming in my head of what I would do with them once I got them.  So yesterday was one of those days.  You know those days when you are in a funk?  Well I was having one of those days until my wood eggs came and then it was like I was the energizer bunny!  I immediately got to work on them!  Here is what I have come up with so far.  I will be posting them soon on my Etsy store as soon as I have them painted and stained :-)
I also tried my hand at wood burning one of my little Peggie’s :-)  I am curious how she will look once she  has been painted. Wood burning things this size takes a lot more time and concentration I can tell you that!
Happy crafting!