Bethlehem background

I updated how I wood burn my Bethlehem background on my  Nativity puzzles:-)

I really like how this one turned out.

I am already getting quite a few orders for my Nativity puzzles. In past years I did not start getting orders until November.  I guess people want to be prepared for Christmas this year :-)

You can find my Nativity puzzles for sale at my Etsy Store here.


Fun Handmade Gifts ideas!

Tis the Season! My poor little blog has been so neglected lately!  I keep thinking that my sister Paula will post some of her fun ideas from her Super Saturday she did a few weeks ago, but alas we will all have to be left in suspense :-) I am so excited about how well my Etsy store did this season!  It has been such a blessing to finally master and conquer my fear at using the scroll saw because I am not limited at waiting on others to help me with my projects I can just go and cut them out myself :-)
I decided this year for Christmas that I wanted to take advantage of all the wonderful talent out in Etsy land and other crafters in my area by trading and buying from other hand crafters.

Here are a few fun hand made gifts that my family will be getting this year :-)

First the Etsy store Backwoods Toys

Slingshot, Pea Shooter Combo3 Bows & Arrows for Kids
They have the coolest homemade bow and arrows, pea shooters, Rubber band shooters, ping pong ball shooters etc.  I got what’s pictured above for my 11 year old son who loves this kind of stuff! Don’t let the homemade look of these items fool you into thinking they are not well made. When we recieved our package in the mail my husband tried the bow and arrow out first and before he could even pull the arrow back all the way he mistakenly let go too soon and it flew across the house! We tried out the all the other little weapons also and they worked great too! And it is safe because they have eraser tips on all the arrows :-)

Next I traded one of my puzzles for 3 crochet  Mary Jane slippers from an Etsy store called Made by Mitzy

Women's Crochet Mary Jane Slippers--Frosty GreenThese slippers are so cozy and well made!  I can’t wait for my daughters to open them Christmas Eve with their new P.J’s :-)
Another fun trade I made with a wonderful lady I met here locally at a craft fair I did.  She makes the cutest Cat and owl dolls! She calls them scrappy cats. She made one for all my girls.  I was just going to get one for my 3 year old, but thought they would be a perfect addition on my teenagers beds to add to their room decor! here are a some pics at what she does. 
And they are even cuter in person than they are in the pictures. 
She does not have a Etsy store yet, but if you are interested I can get you in contact with her just let me know:-)
I also think News boy caps like this are so adorable! I found these ones at Angelas studio1 at Etsy :-)
Newsboy Hats Caps Crocheted Newsboy
So think about adding some unique original handmade gifts to your list this year :-)
Happy  Crafting everyone!

Crazy busy!

I have been super busy the last 3 weeks trying to keep  up with my Etsy store.  My biggest seller being my Nativity puzzles!  So forgive me if I do not post much in December.
Today I thought I would show you my latest ideas that I am selling in my shop.

First off My Mini Nativity Puzzle.

Miniture Nativity puzzle with wood burned design
Miniture Nativity puzzle with wood burned design

I decided it would be fun to have a smaller version.  I can’t get my 3 year old to leave it alone!  She really likes to play with it.  I also thought this smaller version would be fun for super Saturday.  I have done the bigger version before with success, but the smaller one is cheaper and a little less time consuming.

Next my Joy letters with baby Jesus.
Joy with baby Jesus

Joy with baby Jesus

So as you can see my wood burning is still going strong! This baby Jesus was fun to make :-) 

The most popular thing in my store that everyone seems to want is my Wood burned, water color, dark stained Nativity puzzle.
Nativity Puzzle, wood burned design, water color, and darker wood stain

so that is what I will be doing non stop until about mid December!  but I will ride this wave as far as it will take me :-) 

Happy crafting!


more puzzles!

So I decided to add a background to my Russian doll puzzle and I also made another Russian doll puzzle and a vehicle puzzle too! You can order these at my Etsy store if you want a unique gift for a little one.  My 3 year old has been having a great time playing with these puzzles this week 😉

So there you go!  Happy crafting everyone!

Wood burned Nativity puzzle

Hey all!  I had fun last night wood burning another Nativity Puzzle.  I am feeling more and more comfortable using the wood burning tool.  I love the texture and character it gives the puzzle.  So here it is done raw.
This Puzzle was one of the first ones I cut by myself with the scroll saw so the lines are not perfect and straight, So I had it sitting in my less than perfect pile. I have been practicing my wood burning on my imperfect puzzles first while I get the hang of it, but I’ve decided that this puzzle looks like I intentionally tried to cut it like that.  I think it gives it character. I have not decided if I want to just stain this one or add a little splash of color here and there.   I will post tomorrow what I decided
to do 😉
Find all my Nativitiy puzzles for sale at my Etsy store Bugaboocrafts

My new craft toy!

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Value Pen
So I have been wanting to get a wood burning tool for a long time!  And this week I finally got one.  I specifically wanted it for my Nativity puzzle so I could give it a different more rustic look.  Here is my first wood burned puzzle :-) I also decided to try water color paint instead of acrylic paint So it would have more of a muted look.

I am really liking my wood burning tool!  I really like the look it gave the puzzle.  I love how the watercolor turned out too.  After I painted all the pieces I applied a wood stain all over everything. 

Nativity Puzzles are ready!

I have my Nativity Puzzles in my Esty store again!  Just click on my Etsy store page above and it will take you there :-) 
unpainted Nativity puzzle
I have decided I have a new life calling!  Mother by day and Scroll Saw addict by night :-)
Now that I know how to use the dumb thing I can’t stop!   I have a few things I am working on besides the puzzles that I can’t wait to show you!  I will give you a hint :-)  It involves a Witch boot, Owl, Turkey and the word Harvest! 

Little Peg People Nativity

I thought it would be fun to make a Nativity set out of little peg people!   My Two year old sure has had a ball playing with them :-)  (Move over Fisher Price!) 
I still need to spray them with sealer and add some burlap or something to tie around Joseph’s head,(right now he looks a little too much like obi-wan Ken obi) I would also like to add the wise men, animals and a shepherd eventually, but right now this it all I had time to paint.
If you want to paint your own peg people  you can find them