See the littlest blonde girl on the bottom left?  That is me, “the little sister” to 5 siblings :-)  I have loved to imagine, create and craft for as long as I can remember!  And It is all due to a wonderful Mother who exposed me and my siblings to many creative mediums.  We would paint ceramics, crochet, do embroidery, sew clothes for our barbie’s punch leather and pretty much any new crafty thing that came along :-)


I am a wife and the Mother of 4 beautiful children of my own, but my desire to craft and create is still as strong as ever!  You can usually find me knee-deep in some sort of   project :-)Probably my most favorite thing to do is work with wood. When I learned how to use the scroll saw a whole world opened up to me!  I no longer have to buy wood crafts at the store! I can create and cut whatever I feel like:-)  Within the last 5-6 years I picked up wood burning and all I can say is it is an addiction!  And probably my second favorite craft to do is stitchery/ embroidery. I like to make my own patterns.

Come along and craft with me!


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