A rainbow puzzle!

I spent a big part of my day yesterday cutting out new wood crafts for an upcoming craft fair I am doing this coming week.  I have never done a craft fair before and I am kind of nervous if people will be interested in my stuff.  I am mainly saleing my my Nativity puzzles and then adding some other things on top of that. 
I saw this stacking rainbow puzzle here.  And decided I wanted to try something like it.
so this is what I came up with :-)

first I found some rainbow clip art and then transferred it onto wood and cut it out with the scroll saw.
Next I painted the wood pieces.  My new favorite paint medium is water color paint!  I like how you can get a nice vibrant color yet you can still see the wood grain. 
Ta Da!  The grand finish!  I am not sure if I have the color order right, but my daughter assured me this was the color order since i was too lazy to get up and google it at the time. 
I think I will do it on thicker wood next time so it would be more durable for little kids to play with. 
I made 3 other type of puzzles too.  I will show them later this week as I make them :-)

2 thoughts on “A rainbow puzzle!

  1. Mike shared your blog with Colt today and I’m so glad he did. I just did my first scroll saw project this last week, and I’m sure I’ll find lots of inspiration on your blog!!
    Cute ideas for Thanksgiving – I love your turkeys!

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